Born and raised in High Point, North Carolina, sisters Heath and Landon Slane started creating sterling silver jewelry in 1995 with the same quality and detail that had been historically dedicated only to gold and platinum. The Slane & Slane jewelry line  look is very exciting and beautiful — never predictable, but always appropriate.

Now the ever- fashionable media darling Katie Couric has recently been wearing Slane & Slane, a jewelry designer we love, to events everywhere!  On April 14th, she wore the Slane & Slane Feather Mesh Earrings to American Idol. Previously to that, she wore the Eternity Knot Earrings for her interview with Governor Sarah Palin. Most recently, Couric wore the Pistachio Signature Pearl Necklace and matching earrings to accept the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in TV Journalism — and she wore those same earrings when she interviewed Michelle Obama in the Rose Garden.Katie Couric wears Slane & Slane Column Beaded French Wire Earrings with Onyx.

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